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updated 12.11.2004


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Case studies

If you use ExtGraph in some application you are obliged to provide case study. You are not obliged to do it from legal point of view, but from moral one.

It is important for project developers, because this our main motivation why we work on open and free projects. It is important for other users, because they will get ideas, how they can use it. And it is important for your good feeling and for your or your company public image.

You can propose your case study through sourceforge mechanism for new feature requests RFE.

So far we know about following usages:


Area: Banking; loan application processing
SimpleGraph has been used as a front end graphical designer for workflow engine in one bank for loans processing purposes. Workflow designer is able to define new processes and edit object parameters and code in nodes. Links are used to direct flow to another users or systems that process data flowing through system.

Machine monitoring

Area: Industry; monitoring systems
Visual monitoring of current states of machine parameters in industry.


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