ExtGraph - Graph Component and Framework
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updated 12.11.2004

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ExtGraph - Graph Component and Framework

ExtGraph is component and framework written in Delphi. The purpose of the project is to provide an easy to use and powerful means of creating applications that are based upon graphs, or use them.

Some examples of existing applications that use previous the version of ExtGraph (SimpleGraph) are:

  • Graph designer
  • Monitoring of industrial machines
  • Front end to workflow engine used in bank

There are plans to use it in:

Downloads, source code, examples and other documents can be found on ExtGraph project pages.

ExtGraph History

* * * * *
ExtGraph is an extension of SimpleGraph Delphi component written by Kambiz R. Khojasteh. Original source, many useful documents and discussions can be found at Delphiarea web site.

How you can help?

First of all, why you should help? Good question. Reasons are many and differs.

Human society is based on cooperation and reciprocity, so where you take, you should also give something in return. Simple and effective rule, called morale. That is one of your reason and maybe not the most important.

If you will join and become member of community you will get something in return, too. You will learn something new, you will have problem to solve and maybe you will gradually become an expert in some area. This project offers areas of xml, svg and data processing. And there is clearly a market for experts. Expertise is another reason.

As a member of community you will not be alone, you can get new friends, new ideas, new approaches. Your colleagues in community will check your ideas, you will have somebody to talk about your ideas in software development, besides of your spouse, of course. Friends and colleagues is your reason, too.

If you are, or you will use Extgraph in your, or your company, application, you are in fact obliged to join. Is there any other way how to be informed, how to be able to influence the project course?

Maybe you can find yet other reasons. So if you know why to join, read how to join.


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